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Week 7

18 Oct

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RSS Feed

8 Mar

I found the wonderful world of RSS feeds through Google reader.  Crazy.

I found this site  and it plays right into what I’ve been working with in approaching latin through the use of the paradiddle.

“New Jack Swing” paradiddle

6 Mar


My former teacher, Jeff S. called swing 16ths “New Jack”.  Kind of New Orleans shuffle-ish? 

dotted eighth sixteenth paradiddles high hat right, snare left, any start point and mess with the bass.

      1, “a” of 1,  and of 2, and of 3.   Fill beat 4.

       Every third 16th note.  Sets up a dotted eighth cycle.  See how long you can sustain

                and keep beat one in your head.  

You can use 16th triplets as fill patterns.  And of course play the paradiddle sticking in 16th triplets.

Sorry none of these posts have actual written music.  I’ll figure out how to do that sometime.


6 Mar

It’s been awhile.  Music tech and trying to get Cubase 5 working is keeping me busy.

Latest development with the paradiddle is combining down beat paradiddles with non-downbeat.

      With samba feet in 16th notes, right hand cymbal, left snare:

              Do 2 downbeat paradiddles starting with right hand (rt. para then lt para)

              leave off the downbeat on what would be the 3rd beat and start a left paradiddle on the

                          “e” of beat 3.  Do the left and the the right paradiddle on beats 3 and 4 and it 

                          will lead you back to the downbeat paradiddle on beat 1 in the next measure.




Other combos

25 Jan

Moving the left hand when starting with a “right” paradiddle:

Practice paradiddles starting on the downbeat, the “and” (diddlepara’s) and the “e”….  (I think starting on “a” sounds a lot like “e” and you have to wait 3 quarters of  a beat to start it)

Put the first left on the high tom and the rest on the snare.

Put the second left on tom and the rest on the snare.

Put the diddle on the tom and the rest on the snare.

Do combos – I like the first left and the diddle on the tom.

Then do the same 3 left patterns but with diddlepara and “e” start points.

Do each of the above in slow and fast 4 with “Samba” feet.  Slow will feel like funk (16th notes in your hands)  and fast will feel like Samba (eighth notes in your hands)

Next….  Start all the paradiddles left handed.

Next next….  Move your right hand too while keeping some kind of consistency in your ride cymbal or high hat sound.

Next next next….   Play right on high hat and throw in some open high hat hits

next next next next….  bass drum in different spots

next next next next next….  paradiddles in triplets


The paradiddle on downbeats

17 Jan

Count in fast 4.   Written pattern to follow.

Play a paradiddle with right hand on Cymbal and left on snare (eighth notes)

Play samba feet.  Dotted quarter eighth with high hat on 2 and 4.

Put first left stick on tom – rest on snare.

Put second left stick on tom – rest on snare.

Put diddle left on tom – rest on snare.

Move left around drum set to create a tom pattern that gives the impression of 1, 3, 4 accent.

Latin Drum Site

17 Jan

Loads of Info.